Friday, 6 May 2011

Viva El Presidente

Or not. So, Scotland has spoken, well around half of it has, and the SNP are sweeping to power with Emperor Salmond at the head. And, quite possibly, Mel Gibson to come as his second in command.
The SNP have promised to freeze Council Tax for their 5 year term - yet they are also freezing the wages of public service workers earning more than £21,000. So, will they freeze the energy bills, teh food costs, petrol prices for these people? There is no saving for these people. But maybe they are the lucky ones, up to 25,000 of their colleagues could be out of a job thanks to the SNPs efficiency savings and compulsory redundancies. Then there are those in the private sector, teh businesses who supply services to teh public secter who will see income decline in line with the efficiency savings. businesses that will go bust and lay off staff themselves. Is this the way to economic recovery?
No, of course it isn't. The way to that is a referendum on independance. OK, maybe that's not the way either, but it is the way for El Salmondo to get himself a nice shiny statue - maybe even bigger than Donald Dewers.
I can promise that the SNP - who last election promised smaller class sizes and thousands of new police keeping our streets safe, yet didn't deliver - will deliver on the referendum promise. Is that really a priority. Is that really what this country needs?

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