Sunday, 29 May 2011

Done it!

As the title says, I've done it. I've signed up for the BUPA Edinburgh 10k I think I have possibly lost the plot! I'm doing it on behalf of the ME Association and this is my JustGiving page.
And my darling wife, on seeing the course, announced that 'You're gonna DIE!' It's nice to have support.
So it's now down to me to get training and properly, none of this messing about. Signed up for a few Skyrides with Connor, so we'll be out on the bikes, I need to start the running and maybe even - whisper it - the gym.
In addition, I've bought myself a cheap wee pair of hiking boots to get in practice for the West Highland Way walk that I'm doing. Plus, I'm organising a team for a 5-a-side tournament to support Learning Disabilities week and I'm now involved in Oxjam, having signed myself up as promoter so now I need to put together some sort of fundraising musical extravaganza. Add in the uni work and the SVQ and I'm not entirely sure when I'm supposed to eat. But I'm looking forward to them all, I feel that for so many years I've just been dissolving into a big fat ball of telly-watching lard, it feels great to get involved with these things, especially as I seem to have some sort of career objective in mind at last and hopefully these things, in particular the Oxjam thing, will help towards that.
So, yeah, feeling pretty positive about these things and hopefully by the time of the Run, I'll be a lean, mean running machine. 3 hours is a good time for 10k, isn't it?

This blog was composed to the sounds of Damian Rice - nice and chilled :-)


  1. I'll come out running with you!

  2. I wouldn't worry about finding time to eat, I'd be more concerned about finding time to sleep!
    I feel the same, I have just become a big lazy blob, which is why I joined the gym (you should come with me and Eileen) and I am trying to find more things to focus on too. Good luck with them all!

  3. Yay, I have comments!!!!
    Eileen, I'm actually planning on mostly doing my running solo, looking forward to the peace and quiet with my iPod :-)
    And for both of you, I'll be looking for help with the Oxjam thing :-) We need a campaign meeting.

  4. Ah yes, no worries - I enjoy the solitude myself too. Maybe once in a while we can pit ourselves against each other though. Race to the death? Good practice for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

  5. Well done, I am sure you will manage it. You were never a particularly fast runner, but you were always willing and could go on for ages, so this will be a doddle. I hope you do it in less than two hours though - I did the 5K in one hour six minutes and that was walking!
    Also, how come you're not following my blog? I am filling it with extremely uninteresting little ramblings, I am sure you would love it.