Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It's Been A While

Well, as predicted, the blog has been sporadic. Actually, that's being generous.

Lately, it's been an up and down time. Skint as always which is rather stressful. But the weather has been rather nice which means that everything feels a little bit better.
The nice man at the garage down the road has offered to fix up the Saab in return for a nice homemade cake, so it's just a case of finding the cash to get the parts.
I spent Saturday being a zombie as an extra in a movie - not quite a Hollywood blockbuster, but it was lots of fun.
Friday was spent shopping in Glasgow and I discovered that unless you have a figure like Keira Knightley, then you can't get any nice clothes. River Island, Levi Store, Gap, Next, H&M, I hate you all. Asda saved the day.
Open Uni is going very well, enjoying the modules I'm doing just now, but the time it takes up never ceases to surprise me.
No gigs or anything on the horizon, but recently went to see Lou Hickey at an SNP concert - she was great, but it was like a Klan rally, weird atmosphere.
Currently building up to a sponsored walk with my work along part of the West Highland Way and then later in the year, hoping to do a 10k in Edinburgh. Planning on doing that on behalf of the ME Association, but I really need to get training!!

Enough for just now, hopefully I'll be a bit more dedicated to this.

This blog was composed to Whitey Ford Sings the Blues by Everlast.

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