Tuesday, 14 June 2011

There just aren't enough hours in the day

That's what I was thinking at 2.30 am, sitting struggling away with my next uni assignment, thinking I should really be in bed, but I should be doing the tax credit form, but I need to sort out the car file, but there's a mountain of dishes I've been promising to do for days etc. etc.

But such is life, just got to keep plodding along. It's actually been a pretty good week though. Kirsty has managed to procure herself a paid placement through the church in Stirling over the summer, which means that although she won't have the summer off with the boys, we will at least have a bit of cash to hopefully get our wee holiday in Comrie and pay a few things off (mainly my mother :-D) and it'll just take the stress off a bit. She also has an interview on Friday for a swanky new job - it looks a great opportunity for her, so I really hope she gets it. I sent off for a 6 month secondment, so fingers crossed for that - I think. There are definite pros and cons around it, but the experience will be fantastic. The money - and the workload with everything else that's going on, not so fantastic.

The training for the 10k hasn't quite kicked off yet, but I've got ages. I hope. It's just trying to fit it in can be a bit of a problem. But the Oxjam gig is looking promising, it looks like I've got a venue, but I'll get more details up as soon as possible.

Also looking forward to catching up with some friends over the next few weeks. Popping through to see Charlene tomorrow, which'll be nice. It'll hopefully give the Beemer a wee chance to stretch her legs as we haven't had a chance to get it insured yet, which has been ever so slightly frustrating. Which reminds me, I need to phone the scrappy about the Saab. See, it's neverending!

Well, I better go, working at one and these dishes won't do themselves.

This blog was composed to Powertrippin' by the Almighty.

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