Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Seriously frustrating day. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And then waiting some more. Had the day all planned, but due to circumstances outwith my control they were well and truly scuppered, leaving me all this stuff to fit around my shifts as this was my only day off this week.

One thing I did achieve was phoning the scrappy - the Saab goes tomorrow, which I am mighty sad about as I had a very enjoyable 6 months driving around in it and the only reason it is getting scrapped is because I never pulled my finger out. Silly boy, but lesson learned. Still haven't been able to get the Beemer insured, so haven't been out cruising yet, another frustration.

It's amazing the way things change, for the last week or so everything was coming up roses, but I knew it wouldn't last so made sure I enjoyed and appreciated it at the time.

On the plus side today, because I wasn't doing all my jobs I kept Ethan off nursery and spent some time with him, we went for a walk, did some jumping, explored the woods, met the world's soppiest Rottweiler and climbed daddy's rock. The sweetest thing was just before we left when he went rushing off to find his wee hat to pop on because daddy stuck his on.
And then this evening I got a wee game of Magic with Connor and whupped his ass good and proper :-) So it's not all been bad today.

Anyway, dishes, dishes and more dishes.

This was composed to How To Do Battle by Senser

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