Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The lunatics have officially taken over

Not that long ago I blogged about my disappointment that the SNP and their leader, Alec Salmond had formed the majority government sitting in Holyrood. And with the new Anti-Sectarianism Bill being rushed through with such unseemly speed as to be a farce, it seems my worst fears are being realised almost immediately. A majority government to push through the most ill though out piece of legislation in years. A bill that is a knee-jerk reaction taken over a few weeks to a problem that has dogged Scottish football and, more importantly, Scottish society for decades. But one swish of Roseanna Cunningham's magic wand - under the watchful eye and smug grin of El Presidente of course - and it'll all go away. OK then.

It seems that we can now get arrested for singing our National Anthem, if the context suits, for expressing ourselves religiously in any way - again as long as the context is correct. Surely this is, in itself a form of discrimination? And surely this 'context' leaves itself open to abuse? Who is the one who can stand up and say 'That guy blessed himself aggressively in my direction!' And what judge can decide which of the 50,000 crowd at the Scotland England game were singing Flower of Scotland in a way to offend?

It is a ridiculous piece of paper that is being rushed through in time for the new football season next month without any thought or any proper debate.

And, on top of that, it's potentially a huge waste of police resources, which lets face it are stretched as it is. The SNP's promise in their 2007 manifesto to put more police on the streets really hasn't materialised - does anyone in Scotland feel their street is safer today than four years ago? Thought not.

Ladies and gents, it's time for the revolution!

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