Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My first blog

Well, I've threatened this for a while and, as I don't have too much to do, I though I better start. When I say not too much, that's a bare-faced lie. I have mountains of things to do, the majority of them far more important than this, but hey-ho.

The first thing I suppose folk should know about me is that I'm not grumpy. Some people think I am, but they are wrong. This is a theme, people around me being wrong. See, I have opinions, which are right, but not everyone agrees with them - I then point out that they're wrong and voila - I'm apparently grumpy.

Second thing - I'm married to a wonderful woman whose mission in life appears to be maintaining my blood pressure at a level just below that where my heart will explode out of my chest. I have two boys, whose mission appears on a par with that of their mothers'. As for the dog, well the less said the better.

Im currently doing a couple of Open Uni courses, an Intro to Counselling, which I'm just coming to the end of and an Intro to Social Sciences, for which I have an essay due. Today. I shall start that shortly. I work as a support worker, supporting adults with learning disabilities. My colleagues are idiots. All of them.

Well, that's this one done I think, who really knows when I'll do another, maybe later today, maybe in three years time. Now to try and figure out how to share this with the world.

This blog was composed to the sounds of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac


  1. You're not grumpy *all* the time. Just most of it. I think you must be 'grump blind'.

  2. You are very like your father.
    He says he's not grumpy either.